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Sanders Marketing,


We are a boutique marketing agency that builds strong brands online. We're are a group of experienced professionals across a variety of marketing industries such as social media strategy, web design, branding, and more. Based in Dallas and working with businesses of color across the US.


Our Clients

The below logos reflect current and recent clients (within the past 6 months). We've worked with our clients in a variety of ways - social media strategy, community management, website development, graphic and logo design, marketing consulting, and more.

From non-profits to small businesses or large and across many different industries, we've got you covered. 

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Did you know?

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Social Media Marketing Tip

"How do I grow my business' social media following?" is a question that we are asked most often.


Consistency is key. Your content may be strong, but your social media following will not grow if your business is only active two or three times a month on social media. 4-5 times per week is a great start. Use hashtags, location tags, and proactively seek your target audience, and watch your numbers grow! We know this is easier said than done and we are here to help.

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