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Who We Are

We are a team of individuals across a variety of industries, specializing in social media marketing, branding, website development, communication strategies, logos, PR, SEO, and more.

Melanie is our Founder and Social Media OG. With 10 years of large and small brand social media experience, she has learned many skills and strategies along the way. Through her education at Howard University and extensive work experience, she has curated a strong network of trusted marketing professionals and we're here to deliver results that you can count on.


We've worked with many creative entrepreneurs and business owners. We know how to help grow your business. 

We don't cold call. We don't email blast. In fact, the majority of our clients have been referrals from other satisfied clients. Through our strategic work, we have grown Sanders Marketing, LLC into a 5-figure-a-month boutique marketing agency. 

"You either take control of your business or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

Choose Your Expert


Meet Melanie.
-Social Media Strategy
-Account Management
-Community Management
-Website Development

man 2

Meet Robert.
-Logos and Graphic Design
-GenZ Marketing Strategy

Businesswoman at Conference

Meet Tiffany. 
-Data Analyzing and Reporting
-Digital Strategy
-SEO Strategy

Smiling Girl

Meet Yessenia.
-Copywriting (English and Spanish)
-Hispanic Marketing


Meet Ashley-Nicole.
-PR Management
-Communications Strategy

Man's Portrait

Meet Uche.
-Website Development
(Full Stack)

Our Mission

We strive to work with ethical companies across the US that are owned by people of color, or have a diverse staff. Diversity is important and your business will be stronger because of it. 

What We've Done

We have created robust, award-winning social media strategies for over 20 different businesses and corporations.

We have helped double the monthly revenue of businesses through strategic marketing efforts. 


We've built strong websites that include client portals, shopping portals, and more. 

We've grown social media followings from 20 to 6000 fans in less than a year.

We've increased the average google search numbers for various businesses. 

and more.

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